Moringa Seeds

Ancient Green Fields is one of the leading moringa seeds suppliers from India. We export PKM1 quality seeds and manufacture organic moringa products from this tree produce. Moringa oleifera is a fascinating tree with its multiple applications for different purposes. Every part of this plant is used in variety of applications including agriculture, dye, food, health care, livestock forage, personal care, water purification and many more. Due to the easy adaptation to various regions, soils and farm systems, it holds consistent position in international market. It is a softwood tree, native to India, known as drought resistant and grows well even in moderately infertile soil.

Moringa Oleifera is the best known species amount the thirteen species of the genus Moringacae. It was highly valued in the ancient civilizations. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans derived oil from the seeds and used it for perfumes and skin care. In Indian sub-continent, people have used fresh pods and leaves as main vegetable food. The leaves are eaten throughout West Africa and parts of Asia. We supply quality seeds to moringa seed oil manufacturers.

Family: Moringacae

Species: Moringa Oleifera

Range: Native to the Indian sub-continent. It is naturalized in tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world.

Plant Description: It is deciduous tree or shrub, fast-growing, partially drought resistant, average height of 6 meters at full maturity.

There are 13 varieties of moringa species found. Find the below other twelve varieties of this species: Moringa Arborea, Moringa Borziana, Moringa Concanensis, Moringa Drouhardii, Moringa Hildebrandtii, Moringa Longituba, Moringa Ovalifolia, Moringa Peregrina, Moringa Pygmaea, Moringa Rivae, Moringa Ruspoliana and Moringa Stenopetala.

Bulk & Wholesale Moringa Oleifera Seeds Suppliers

We are pioneer moringa seed production company in India, having wholesale and bulk supply to large number of organic farms around the world. Our planting seeds are used for small as well as large scale cultivation for the production of leaves, fruits (drumstick vegetable), fodder (forage) and moringa oil.

We have several grades, types and variety of seeds depending the purpose and requirement. For planting, cultivation and seedling production, we mainly have two varieties as below,

1. Moringa Planting Seeds (MS01)
2. Moringa Oleifera Seeds PKM1 (Superior)

Now you can place order and buy first grade quality seeds from us. Ancient Green Fields offers seeds for germination, extraction or other application. We export our seeds in quality standard package to any country worldwide. We have established ourselves as India’s largest moringa seeds exporter.

Moringa Products Wholesale

As a leading player, AGF is also manufacturing certified organic moringa leaf powder, capsules, oil and 10 exciting tea flavors and natural personal care products at reasonable wholesale price. Starting from seed production, variety development, organic fair trade farming, harvesting to final processing is managed and directly owned by AGF, which ensures the finest premium quality and 100% pure leaf powder, capsules, oil, tea and 100% natural personal care products. You can buy quality seeds from reputed moringa seeds bulk suppliers through online order.

Physical Description

Moringa oleifera seeds are round shaped with brownish semi-permeable seed hull. It has three papery wings. Color of the hulls normally varies from brown to black. If seed kernels are of low viability, they will be white in color. Quality seeds germinate within two weeks of planting. Weight of each seed will be approximately 0.3 g. The kernel to seed ratio has been found to be 75:25.

It is a fast-growing tree. The tree is cultivated mainly for edible usages, dye coloring, health care, fodder, water clarification and multiple applications. The harvested seeds are dried, processed and used for oil extraction. It contains around 40% oil inside the kernel.

Germination and Planting

Tropical and sub tropical environment is suitable for moringa seeds growth. The seeds need sufficient sunlight and water to germinate. They must be soaked initially in water for about 12-24 hours, before sowing moringa seeds in the seedling bag or in soil. This process will help these seeds to absorb moisture needed for sprouting. Then these soaked seeds are wrapped in a wet cloth and kept in warm, dark location. Ensure that wrapped cloth is damp to enable seeds to retain moisture. The seeds will grow in new places quickly, where there is good water drainage and sunshine.

Most of the portions of moringa trees are edible. The tree usually grows up to 15 meters in height but usually less than 10 meters. It is a slender tree with delicate branches and has large underground rootstock. The tree is covered with small, oval-shaped dark green leaves. Its trunk is generally 10–45 cm wide. It is covered in pale-grey bark but may sometimes reach up to 60 cm in diameter.

Moringa Uses in Traditional Medicine

For centuries, people in many countries, mainly in India and Philippines have used moringa fruit, seeds, leaves, bark, flower and root as folk medicine for common ailments. The Indian traditional medicinal system, Ayurveda used the tree produces to treat over 300 diseases. As medicinal value of moringa oleifera had been suggested by traditional medicine, further clinical testing is required to explore more benefits.

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