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      About usTechnology leads development, innovation changes the world
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      About HaiLi

      Haili Tools has formed a unique enterprise culture with rapid growth since 2002,Under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Ma Haishan, Haili attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents: Base on the people, Talent oriented. In order to achieve the leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China", Haili strives to create an " Openhearted, Optimistic, Safe and Disciplined" work environment!

      Mr. Ma Haishan

      Chairman of Changzhou Haili Tools

      President of Changzhou Xixiashu Tool Association

      Chairman of Jiangsu Xixiashu Tool Group

      General Manager of Jiangsu Haibo Tool Industry Research Institute

      About the Development of HaiLi

      Technology leads development, innovation changes the world

      Haili relies on its independent research and development team to lead the industry in high-end precision manufacturing equipment. In a rigorous quality control system, Haili provides customers with excellent machining tools for precision CNC machining equipment, including consumer electronics, automotive component manufacturing, aerospace cutting-edge components, and other high-end intelligent equipment. Haili efficiently breaks through every process from research and development innovation to manufacturing and assembly for customers!

      Advantages of Haili

      Can meet the stability and special requirements of mass production in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, ocean engineering, and IT industries; For grinding of alloy welding, grinding of alloy bars, passivation and coating after tool processing. Including drilling bits, milling cutters, reamers, forming cutters and other non-standard tool processing, providing design solutions and tools for difficult to machine materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy, and composite materials!

      A solid team
      The Haili Manufacturing team, in a work environment based on craftsmanship, continuously improves the overall skill level of the team,
      and creates high-quality and high-precision products in the industry full of vitality!
      About us
      About HaiLi
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