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      Tools Management

      Haili Tools Tool General Contracting Management Division and Jiangsu Haibo Tool Industry Research Institute are business partners specializing in tool management engineering general contracting projects, integrating tool research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, reconditioning, tool management general contracting services, machining solution turnkey services, production efficiency improvement services, mechanical processing technology consulting and other services.

      Dedicated to providing customers with the state-of-the-art tools and technical solutions in the field of the metal cutting!

      Increased benefits after lean production optimization!
      SCM enhance
      Tool whole life cycle control
      Tool Inventory control
      Tool programing control
      Tool selection optimized
      Tool cost reduce
      Machining optimized
      Reconditioning control
      Target Customer’s benefit increase!

      Tool cost reduce

      Y/R increase

      Production efficiency increase

      Project Promotion Steps

      Demand research

      On site information collection

      Outsourcing Management Report

      Process optimization plan

      Mobilization and deployment

      Replacing tool management

      Cost efficiency optimization

      Stable quality optimization

      Tool presetting

      On site delivery

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      Equipment Overview
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      Contact us
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