Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

When one to achieve faster weight-loss, you must clean the moringa oleifera seeds with water and salt It requires at least twice rinsing. Unique composition of the seeds with pods give fiber protein rich nutrients and this can bring weight loss without any side effects. It is advisable to start with 2 moringa seeds per day after breakfast. These seeds are soaked in water for 30 minutes and it will be ready for consumption with the pods.

Moringa oleifera tree leaves are fast-growing but seed pods do not grow back every few months. Horse radish trees produce seed pods on an annual basis, similar to other species in plant kingdom. As it is the case with other healing plants, one has to wait for the trees to produce their seed pods. Moringa trees give off incredible volume of seed pods during their seasonal months. A 2 year old tree can produce hundreds or even thousands of seed pods, yielding countless seeds each and every year. They are immediately processed if the moringa seeds could be harvested for oil production. In the cold-press process, they produce up to 40 % oil by weight. If not used for oil extraction, they can be used as food.

Moringa oleifera seed nutritional value

Lot of vitamin A, C, B complex and other anti-oxidant species can prevent oxidative damages. They are also packed with nutrients. Seeds can be steamed or boiled, either in the pod or shell similar to peas or green beans. Another way would be to season the pods, roast and use them as a snack food. Roasted seeds have a pleasant nutty taste. These seeds have anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The seeds will retain the nutritional value if they are not over cooked.

Moringa seeds for water purification

Seed cake, which remains after the oil has been extracted, or seed powder are both effective coagulants to purify turbid or dirty water. It is added to dirty water and slurry is stirred. Seeds pull together floating particles such as dirt, other solids, germs and worms and when the water settles, the particles sink down. Purification using seeds is not the only method of treating water because it does not make water completely germ free. In the next step, filter water using fine muslin cloth or solar disinfection method; you should not use Chlorine as it can have a chemical reaction with moringa seeds.

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