The Premium Quality Organic Moringa Oleifera Seeds From The Pioneer Of Moringa Products Manufacturing Company!

Product NameMoringa Oleifera Seeds
Pack Size100 Seeds
Selling Price$ 12.99
BrandOrganic Veda

Organic Veda Moringa Oleifera Seeds (Pack of 100) for Planting from India | Organically Grown Miracle Drumstick Tree Moringa Seeds | Non-GMO

Product Description

Organic Veda Moringa Oleifera  Seeds are the Premium quality seeds and boast high productivity and germination rates. If you’re looking for Moringa seeds to plant, these 100% organic, pure, and fresh seeds are carefully selected to help you experience the true power of Moringa in your garden. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our high-quality Moringa seeds are completely safe for consumption.

Key Points

100 Premium Quality Seeds in Every Pack : To ensure top-notch quality and retain freshness, the seeds are immediately packed in air-tight, moisture-proof Resealable Bags. The seeds are completely edible and can be safely used as part of your diet routine without any further refining.

Organically Grown Seeds with a High Germination Rate : Our Organic Non-GMO Moringa Seeds is grown using time-honored traditionally practices for maximum nutrition value and germination rate. These qualities make the best Moringa seeds to plant.

Premium Quality Guaranteed: Organic Veda’s proven track record, vast experience, standardized seed production practices and  quality control measures at every stage of the process ensure 100% pure and highest quality mature Moringa seeds with high efficacy and germination rates.

Planting Instructions: Soak the seeds in water overnight, the day before planting them. Fill seedling bags with light soil mixture, i.e. 3 parts soil to 1 part sand. Plant two or three seeds in each bag, ¼ in. (0.5 cm) deep. Keep moist but not too wet. Germination will occur within two weeks. Remove extra seedlings, leaving one in each bag. Seedlings can be transplanted after four to six months when they are 2-3 ft (60-90 cm) high.