Moringa Seed Germination

Moringa Seed Germination

Moringa seed germination is the first step when you go for growing the plant from quality moringa tree seeds. Soak these seeds in water for 24 hours to enhance quick germination. Next day, you can remove the soaked seeds, place them on a wet paper towel or cotton cloth. Wrap them and put a knot around the neck. Store in a dark place and place them in a vessel. It will take one week for the seeds to start sprouting. Make sure the paper towel/cloth is wet.

Once they have sprouted, plant the germinated seeds in a four inch mud pot with green sprouts up the soil level. After one month, you can check whether roots are coming out the bottom of the pot. Now you can transplant into a 12 liter capacity pot. This plant can remain in the pot for 1 year. If you are planning to plant it in the ground, it can be kept for 6 months in the 12 liter capacity pot.

Moringa oleifera trees can be grown for a long time in pots, if they are properly pruned. But it is necessary to transplant them once or twice in a year. You have to make sure planting soil is well drained. The planting area should get bright sunlight and no heavy frost. Prepare soil before you plant your moringa tree in the ground. You can dig a hole, approximately twice the diameter of your pot it is in. Add good loamy soil mixed already with peat moss, perilite etc. Plant the pot in this hole.

Place the tree in the center of the hole and pack soil mixture around and on top. Water again and use a green manure. Moringa oleifera is fast growing tree, hard wearing to dry conditions. Some species of this tree will grow to 25-30 feet which becomes difficult to harvest the leaves or fruit pods. Moringa trees need good drainage. It is advisable to avoid areas with clay as that may not allow this plant to grow. Water the soil in the pit before planting the moringa tree.

Cut the top around 1-2 feet height. This will force the growth down and create a fuller, leafier, bushier tree. Continue this practice always to maintain a full tree. Moringa tree exhibits good tolerance. It can grow well at temperatures of 70-95 degrees for good leaves and seeds yield. When the temperature drops down 28 degrees the moringa plant will lose all its leaves. A hard freeze will kill the young plant. You should use blankets at its roots and shine lights on it.

If the seeds are of good quality, germination of moringa seeds is assured even after few months of storage. Depending on how much you prune your trees, they will become bushier. If the tree grows tall, it will show irregular growth with its tender branches .With this type of growth their harvest of leaves, buds, blossoms, and pods becomes tough. Normally moringa oleifera tree can grow more than 15 feet in their first year with good soil. It is necessary to cut them back severely, from the tip on the top. Pinch off every other new top growth of leaves, and you will have a sturdy moringa tree.

For the first 6 – 8 months, moringa oliefera tree will only give leaves. Small off white color flowers will be coming followed by the fruit pods within 1 month. Moringa seeds germination is robust with quality moringa PKM 1 seeds. You can grow them in cold climatic regions also as there are lot of green houses available. During winter, you can protect the young plants by keeping them in green houses. Once the temperature reaches 70’ F you can take them back to your garden.