Moringa Seeds


Moringa planting seeds MS01

We have been India’s largest producer for more than a decade and exporter of moringa seeds. These have been used in couple of cultivation projects around the world. AGF supplies quality seeds from India on bulk basis. It is used in farms for production of leaves, fruit, fodder (forage) and oil. In commercial horseradish plantations, they prune trees up to a height of 3-4 meters. This allows the harvesters easy access and pruning encourages higher quantity leaf production. We supply high yielding seeds for cultivation. It comes with 99% purity and gives good germination rate.

Seed production

moringa seedsWith our enriched experience, we have standardized seed testing and packing in hygienic manufacturing unit. We train the farmers in organic farming and pest management without chemical pesticides. Thus we ensure that the input natural produces are free from any chemical residues toxic metals or microbes. We supply moringa planting seeds (MS01) at competitive price bulk packed in 1 kg pack and 25 kgs HDPE woven bags. We promptly ship to any location in the world with high end packaging.

Highlights of AGF drumstick tree seeds MS01

  • Superior Quality
  • High Productivity
  • High Germination Rate
  • Excellent Physical Purity
  • First Grade
  • Genuine Original Variety

moringa planting seeds stockyard

Properties of moringa seed

Seed propagation can be useful for planting trees in different climatic conditions. These seeds germinate easily than the tree cuttings. At 20-30’c, the germination rate is good and tree growth is robust. Out of the many varieties, this seems to handle cold weather better and you can buy it to get trees with good yield.


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Moringa tree is called as ‘Miracle Tree’ because it has nutritional and health benefits to humanity and every part of this tree has various uses. The seeds have wings that ensure them to be carried by wind far away from the parent plant. When it reaches soil and gets rooted, it produces highly nutritious plant in the world. You can order now for these quality seed from us.