Moringa seeds for diabetes

moringa seeds for diabetes

Moringa seeds have rich zinc that regulates insulin hormone secretion in Islets of Langerhans. These seeds have been used in folk remedies for the treatment of diabetes. In its native countries such as India, Srilanka and Philippines, it has been used for medicinal applications. Scientific evaluation analysis revealed the composition of seeds with medicinal properties of the constituents.

Moringa oleifera tree seeds contain rich zinc, essential to regulate the insulin hormone secretion. When the production of insulin becomes normal, the levels of sugar remain normal in bloodstream. The extract was used as an effective anti-diabetic agent in clinical trials. Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by problems related to hormone insulin. In healthy individuals the Islets of Langerhans secrete insulin. This works to assist the body to use and store fat, sugar from the food that we take.

In some cases, the pancreas is unable to produce any insulin. Human body will not react in the proper way to insulin. This condition is known as insulin resistance and drugs are used to reduce resistance. Diabetes condition also arises when pancreas produces only insufficient amount of insulin. Diabetes is not completely curable, yet it can be controlled. Once a person gets diabetes, they will have to live with this condition till the end of their life. Diabetes may be caused by different phenomena involving pancreas and insulin production in islets of Langerhans.

Type 1 diabetes may arise in people below the age of 20. Insulin-producing cells known as beta cells in the pancreas are completely destroyed by body’s immune system. Pancreas fails to produce insulin and insulin injections are necessary. In type 2 diabetes conditions, the pancreas produces insulin but in insufficient quantities than required. In some persons, the person’s body exhibits insulin resistance and carbohydrate synthesis gets affected. Type 2 diabetes occurs in obese individuals over 40 years. There may be several techniques to manage diabetes. Diet plan is also necessary to keep blood sugar levels in normal condition. Regular physical exercise can maintain blood sugar levels in control.

Doctors and researchers conducted projects to treat and manage diabetes conditions. In Africa and India, folk remedies and traditional medicine practitioners have been using the seeds for controlling diabetes. This has been shown to improve the immunity against type 1 and type 2 diabetes. As inferred from the clinical trials the moringa roasted seeds were found to exhibit anti-inflammatory benefits. Diabetes could create circulatory problems which are dangerous. These problems should be managed through anti-inflammatory supplements. Seed powder can be taken regularly so that it can reduce insulin resistance. Once the body starts to utilize available insulin, your blood sugar level will be under control.

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